Concluding thoughts and final session at GTR meeting

The Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) Annual Stakeholder Forum was held in London on 15 June 2016
Break Out Sessions Q&A

Q: (MW, SHRIMP) A great many East Coastway ‘Cancellations’ are miraculously starting at Eastbourne which already has a better service to London. Why is the East of East Coastway being singled out?

A (Martin Greer, Three Bridges ROC): We need to prioritise cancellations to provide a better overall coverage. This situation will be reviewed with our operations teams.

Q: Is the DOO progression being driven solely by GTR or through a DfT directive?

A (Alex Foulds) This isn’t relevant. Many TOCs are looking to increase DOO operations to improve customer service. GRR have agreed a series of changes with DfT – but not specify DOO. GTR working towards a staff ratio that provides a pool of excess staff (DIDN’T ANSWER THE QUESTION)

Presentation Summary

Keith Jipps, Passenger Services Director Gt Nthn

Station improvement plans poorly presented first time round. Staff need to know what is happening across the station, not just in front of their window. The consultation feedback was not as expected; taken on-board, to be reviewed and continued.

A TVM failure + longer queues = TVM not fixed.

POLEGATE will be one of the ‘soft-launch’ stations for the new staffing arrangement, Sept 2016.

There are still union issues with this, talks are ongoing.

INTERESTING QUOTES: “Every station will have a member of staff” / “What a ticket office does today, station hosts will be able to do tomorrow” / “Want to make life easier”.

Side discussion: MW / Kevin Wymes, Gatwick Airport Ltd. The airport is not being overly impacted by the current dispute because Thameslink / GX services already operate DOO. But the image of access issues is unhelpful and we are making representation to DfT accordingly. The overnight service from Maidstone is suffering low take up (and looks to get the chop as per 380 from Hastings).