Q&A session at GTR’s 2016 stakeholder meeting

The Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) Annual Stakeholder Forum was held in London on 15 June 2016

In this post you will find updates from various top executives at the company who answered questions from the audience

Q: Is GTR too big?

A: (Charles Horton): The franchise was specially designed for a specific purpose. The issue isn’t one of size but of challenges. Small would be more difficult to operate, but suspect it is a one-term franchise.

Q: How much of the current dispute is DfT originated?

A: (Charles Horton):There are franchise commitments for train crew changes which are being driven by GTR requirements (AVOIDED THE QUESTION)

Q: Why is customer information so sporadic?

A: (Tracy Hall)We are still working on co-ordinating the info flows. Ray Chapman suggested that the DfT needs to get a grip.

Q: How do you propose to resolve Marshlink capacity issues?

A: (Gerry McFadden): We need to fix Uckfield first. There is no immediate M/Link fix. The proposal to upgrade some class 377s is still with DfT for funding. There are no more diesels out there.

No electrification + no more diesels = modify existing fleet.

Q: Will Transport for London plans destroy GTR co-ordination?

A: (Dyan Crowther)This is only at consultation stage and the time-frame will not impact on this GTR franchise.

Q: How are GTR going to address Disabled Access Issues on DOO (Driver Only Operated) trains?

A: (Dyan Crowther) There are separate station and train issues. Drivers will have better access to real time info, but there is a lot to be done.

Q: Why do stations not hold printed timetables?

A: (Tracy Hall) There is more demand for IT options.

(But it transpired this is a station distribution issue which will be addressed)

Q:What assurances can you give that station staffing levels will not be reduced?

A (Alex Foulds): This is being determined on a station by station basis (DID NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION)

Q:Will you remove the class 313s from West Coastway?

A: (Gerry McFadden) They have been fully refurbished and will stay for the rest of the franchise. Doing well and fit for purpose. They might replaced in a subsequent franchise.

Q: How can GTR improve its public image?

A: (Dyan Crowther): Keep doing what we are doing. Increase use of IT for better info.

Q: Can you get 24TPH through Thameslink core:

A: Defer to private chat as too detailed for this session.

QUOTE OF THE SESSION: Charles Horton: “Crowded Trains Are Not Unsafe Trains”

Further document to follow.