St Leonard’s and Hastings Rail Improvement (SHRIMP) and Ore Transport Group (OTG) are very pleased to highlight the changes to the Southern East Coastway (Ashford, Hastings, Eastbourne, and Brighton) timetable and service pattern which come into effect from 20th May.

This is not a series of tweaks. This is a wholesale timetable re-write. EVERYTHING CHANGES; departure times, stopping patterns, journey times, connectivity, capacity.

The changes have been designed after lengthy and extremely positive negotiations between GTR and local rail user groups from Rye, Ore, Hastings & Bexhill in conjunction with RailFuture(SouthEast). The local rail groups welcome the positive recognition from the senior management of GTR about our engagement in that process.

In the general Monday – Saturday service pattern, the major benefits to Hastings & Ore are:

A standard 4 trains per hour 0700 < > 2300 between Hastings/Ore and Eastbourne (3tph from Ore)
100% increase in passenger capacity on many journeys
A 30min even spacing of Brighton services, majority of journeys will be limited stop
Improved connectivity to other strategic services at Brighton and Ashford Int’l including
90 minutes connected journey Hastings to St Pancras
Route-specific services to reduce negative impact from disruption elsewhere on the network
Direct services between Ore & Ashford, benefitting Sussex Coast College (Ore campus)
Later services to/from Rye & Ashford
No splitting/attaching of London services at Eastbourne

The full timetable will be published soon, but is currently subject to some important last-ditch tweaks to individual services. Follow www.railplan2020.co.uk.