Introducing – Martin Woodfine

MARTIN WOODFINE had the dubious pleasure of commuting from Hastings to East Croydon for 20 years (1987-2007), a period which saw a number of changes to the railway but also gave him an insight into the workings of the industry.

He is particularly interested in Information Systems, journey times and the inter-action between rail and other transport modes.

An early member of Bexhill Rail Action Group, he is a co-founder of SHRIMP. In the early stages of SHRIMP Martin travelled widely throughout the SouthEast to attend industry meetings in order to press the case for improvements to Hastings rail services. Martin also represents the local interest within RailFuture.

Martin says: the issues affecting the industry are complex with no easy fixes. Any changes – even a tweak to the timetable – take months or years to see fruition. But we are moving, slowly but steadily, in the right direction.