“Last year’s optimism and plans in tatters” – GTR COO Dyan Crowther

The Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) Annual Stakeholder Forum was held in London on 15 June 2016

In this post you will find updates from various top executives at the company.

Presentations – summary points

Justin Baines, Head of Marketing. Identify scale of challenges and communication issues, respond faster. IT means issues raised quicker than rolling info responses can handle. Frustration feeds research and improvement. ‘Warn / Inform / Celebrate / Apologise’. Keep it simple. Looking to use IT to personalise journey info. All IT systems upgrading in August.

Dave Walker (Marketing): Now 79,000 ‘Key’users. New ‘KeyGo’ will be valid across whole network (but not east of Bexhill!) New system of Debit Card use post-chargeable in blocks of £25, and will guarantee cheapest fare deduction. Oyster at Gatwick now accounts for 1 in 5 ticket sales. 63 new TVMs by Sept 2016 including ALL stations without a machine at present (ORE!). Currently 98% reliability, older machines t/b upgraded during 2017.

Dyan Crowther, GTR Chief Operating Officer. Performance is no 1 topic within GTR. Last year’s optimism and plans in tatters. PPM fell off a cliff in Autumn 2015. By brand: Gt N slow decline, GX sharp decline; TL level; Metro improving; Southern steady decline. 60% of major delays have unidentified causes – big issue. London Bridge rebuild knock-on issues due to no resilience.

USEFUL QUOTE “Should have been foreseen and lessons must be learned”.

We know the problems and have plans to address them. We are trying to mitigate the pain and improve performance.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Southern Contaminates Everything”

Further documents to follow.