SouthEastern Responds to SHRIMP’s Article

SouthEastern has responsed to our article titled “TACKLING UNPLANNED DISRUPTIONS: RAIL VS BUS” and has sent us the below statement.

Following the disruption on 7 June (due to faulty overnight engineering works) SHRIMP asked a series of alternative transport questions, which SouthEastern have duly responded to.

Q: Was the in-place agreement between SER and Arriva buses activated to allow passenger movement between T/Wells and Tonbridge?

A: Tickets were not being accepted on local buses between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells but replacement bus services were requested and did run between these stations.

Q: Was an agreement sought with Southern to pass tickets on the Hastings to London Victoria or Ashford Int’l services?

A: Ticket acceptance was agreed for passengers to be passed on Southern services. 

Q:Why were Hams replacement buses still operating mid-afternoon to Hastings, when there could have been a rail shuttle in place using units that were unable to go north of T/Wells?

A: A rail shuttle service was running between Hastings and Tunbridge Wells. I have checked our records and I can see no replacement bus services ordered to run between Hastings and Tunbridge Wells.

Q: What alternative travel information advice was being given at stations between T/Wells and Hastings?

A: Passengers at these stations were advised of the disruption and that replacement bus services were in operation and that tickets were being passed on Southern services.

It must be stressed that SouthEastern were NOT responsible for the service disruption; NetworkRail have accepted full liability. We would like to express our thanks to SouthEastern for their full engagement with SHRIMP on this issue.

SHRIMP, June 2016