SouthEasternRailway – Stakeholder Event – Part 2

Richard Dean, Head of Train Planning (Document 2 of 4)

Network has lots of ‘flat junctions’ and 2 line railways, both have negative impact on scope of operations

London Bridge: same service operating on access lines restricted from 7 lines down to 4

Overall  passenger journeys up 40% in last 10 years

Chatham > Victoria via Herne Hill also carrying diverted Thameslink services = line capacity challenge

Lots of track circuit failures around London Bridge causing a major disruptive impact

Dover sea-wall collapse has knock on effects as rolling stock diverted from across the network to provide extra coverage

Overcrowding on Metro services a major concern

Stand-by crews at London termini to provide better service recovery

Emphasis on getting empty rolling stock where it should be on time

Delays of under 3 minutes are not recorded within the rail industry, but have a major knock-on impact; SER working with Brighton University to analyse the on-board data to identify recurrent themes / hot-spots, then work to rectify

Q and A

Q:(SHRIMP) Would the potential removal of on-board conductors help or hinder on-time train departures from stations?

 A (RD): No plans for SER to move to that crew working. But, currently, drivers cannot do on-the-go data reporting due to restrictions on use of IT within cabs. Upgrading of driver reporting facilities is being undertaken.

Q: Is the deep clean of stations (etc) merely window-dressing?

 A: (DS) This will be partnered by a publicity campaign to give more info and promote railway usage. But there is definitely more to do in this area.

Q: How does SER react to TfL taking over some services?

 A (DS) These decisions are out of our hands.

Q: Will Smart-ticketing be fully flexible?

 A (DS) Smart ticketing will be introduced in phases. Phase 1 (Dec 2016) will benefit season-ticket holders. Other products will be introduced ad-hoc, but we do not expect to see full range Smart ticketing within this franchise.

Q: Why are on-board (conductor held) TVMS so problematical?

 A (RD) The machines are old and are being replaced


Q: Why are there very few off-peak ticket checks?

 A (RD) The number of RPOs is under review. They target data-informed hot-spots.

Q: Can we have more journey information?

A (DS): We are looking for more TfL style info to be available on screens etc 

Further documents to follow.

SHRIMP, July 2016.