SouthEasternRailway – Stakeholder Event – Part 3

Bob Coulson, Network Rail  (Document 3 of 4) 

Passenger journeys up 40% in last 10 years

New access lines structure being developed at London Bridge

CrossRail redevelopment at Abbey Wood

East Kent re-signalling upgrade and new Rochester station

January 2017 Bermondsey (Thameslink) fly-under will be completed, all access lines to LB will reopen

Limited track access = major knock-on effects / recovery limitations during disruption

LB: St Thomas St entrance opening after August Bank Holiday

Senior managers on call 24/7 to attend stations during disruption incidents

NWR teams have BTP blue-light escorts to disruption incidents

Remote infra-red infrastructure monitoring to predict equipment failures, including helicopter monitoring. Result = incidents down by 45%

LB failures down 7% but knock-on effects are up = major review

London +8miles = 42% of infrastructure failures

Any hot-spots are receiving full renewal of all working parts

INTERESTING FACT: During PERFECT running, trains leave Cannon St an average of 43 seconds late. This creates knock-on effects. The causes are being investigated.


Richard Dean: LONDON BRIDGE:

August Bank Holiday concourse part opening

New island platforms 5/6 for non-stopping Cannon St services run-through

PEAK FLOW CONTRA-SERVICES WILL NOT CALL AT LONDON BRIDGE (ie in morning rush, trains FROM CX will not call, ditto evening rush TO CX)

Metro trains will have extra capacity, this being ‘borrowed’ from reduced services into Cannon St

27 Aug – 1st Sept NO Cannon St services

Inter-ticketing with TfL tube/bus services to continue

1 million leaflets and 170 extra staff ready for next change at LB 

Richard Dean: Thameslink 2018 Timetable

Found that too many services for parts of network, so new routings.

2tph Rainham> Greenwich> Core> Luton

2tph Maidstone East > London Bridge > Core > Cambridge

Other services remain as originally forecast.

Further documents to follow.

SHRIMP, July 2016.