SouthEasternRailway – Stakeholder Event – Part 4

David Statham (Document 4 of 4)

Acknowledged that Public Information was a clear & evident recurring theme from passengers.

There followed a video centred on the Kent Integrated Control Centre, where SER and NWR staff work together to maintain a smooth running network and co-react to disruption.

The KICC provides instant and consistent info across the network and to external media sources.

SouthEast Flexible Ticketing (SEFT) is still a live programme; see earlier notes about Smart ticketing.

More wi-fi across the network

Proposals for new and additional rolling stock are with Rail Minister Claire Perry

“ You said, we did”:

Improved communication

Better off peak travel options

More tourism promotions in conjunction with VisitKent and 1066Tourism

Targeted peak-hour performance

Quote: SouthEastern is committed to driving up performance

Q&A part 2

Q (SHRIMP) Has there been any progress on inter-modal ticketing agreements during unplanned disruption?

A: We have a draft agreement in place with Stagecoach (SE). Detail is being finalised. Ditto Arriva between T/Wells < > Tonbridge.

Q: What plans are there to improve on-board train info?

A:  In summer 2017 there will be direct feeds from the KICC (see earlier) to our on-board info systems.

Q: Can we expect platforming chaos at London Bridge?

A (RD): We have STRESSED to Three Bridges ROC that platforming should be maintained as scheduled as a priority. Trains due on either side of the platform 5/6 island MUST stay within those platforms to avoid passenger chaos under the concourse etc.

Q: Can Greenwich have better alternatives during frequent blockades?

All London Stns have various alternatives, but they may not always prove to be better.

Q: What plans are there for better info during LB switchover?

We will ensure drivers increase their on-board info announcements

Two final points from SER:

The Department of Transport needs to recognise that 70% of fare revenue is passenger-based and upgrade the network more readily to reflect this financial input

The wet summer has produced mega-flora-growth; autumn leaf-fall could be troublesome. Leaf-fall is a SERIOUS issue, imagine seeing your car speedo’ drop from 90 to 0 but you are still moving forward, uncontrollably……

Our sincere and unreserved thanks to SER for their invite to, management of, and interaction within this event. No questions were swerved.


SHRIMP, July 2016.