Southern/Gatwick X Stakeholder Forum – Part 2

Presentation by Stephen MacCullough o.b.o. Gatwick Express (GX)

In association with Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL), unused station concourse space is being used to create a better GX experience and provide better passenger flows, including a special platform link and access.

GX and GAL are aiming to create a seamless flowing journey with signage consistent with that in other areas of the airport.

24% of GX journeys are now made using ‘smartcard’ ticketing technology. Barriers will not accept an Oyster card with less than £20 credit, to avoid fraudulent travel.

All of the planned 27 new GX trains are now in service, operating in variable 4,8,12 car formations.

GX has a new logo, website, and in-station information displays

GX has been awarded a BS11000 accreditation for passenger service



(from SHRIMP) Are there any known restrictions to other termini (noting Brighton services) preventing future GX service expansion?


Why are escalators only going one-way?
As part of the longer vision, escalators will be bi-directional by 2022 (*)

Navigation around the airport is very difficult for the visually impaired? How can you improve this?

This has not been investigated to date, but it is an area to be progressed.

(*) Coincidence? 2022 is the scheduled start of the NEXT franchise.

Other documents will follow.