Southern/Gatwick X Stakeholder Forum


For the sake of good order, we must record with thanks that Southern paid all transport expenses and provided free food and refreshment.


Attendees, local user groups:

SHRIMP St Leonards and Hastings Rail Improvement                                   Martin Woodfine

BRAG Bexhill Rail Action Group                                                                               Yolanda Laybourne / John Taylor

MLAG Marshlink Action Group                                                                                 John Steadman & David ‘x’

OTG Ore Transport Group                                                                                           Trevor Davies

ESRA East Sussex Rail Alliance                                                                                 Apologies from Ray Chapman

Also present:

West Sussex Rail Users Association, Brighton Commuters Group, RailFuture (SE)

Presentations by Southern / Gatwick Express

Gatwick Express update                                                                      Stephen MacCallough

Southern, general update and RMT                                               Angie Doll

Driver Training                                                                                       Martin Grier

Station & ticket offices                                                                         Eddie Toase

2018 Timetable Consultation                                                           Phil Hutchinson


Over the next few days details of each presentation, including Q&As, will be documented.

To be fair there were positives and negatives, but it will be difficult to give an overall summary without being critical.

If the Southern / GTR intention was to allay concerns about their plans and give an ‘everything will be ok’ scenario, then it may not have been as successful as they had anticipated.

We should record that Phil Hutchinson has very kindly agreed to a follow up local meeting about the 2018 Timetable Consultation. The arrangements for this are being finalized.

Other documents will follow.