The Eastbourne Traveller

Our next case study is a manager from Eastbourne who “works” in London. The works is in quotation marks because she is allowed to work from home, so she does not need to commute every day, only once or twice a month.

“I suppose I am a lucky one because for several years now I only had to go to the office occasionally, but even those few times the trains were awfully slow and almost always delayed and/or cancelled!” Ms Part Time Commuter said.

“On a number of occasions I decided against going into the office as the trains are hideous!”

She added: “One day I had to work in the office as there was an important meeting to attend and I spent 7 hours travelling to and from London (70 miles each way). ”

That 7 hours journey compares with the high speed train between St Petersburg and Moscow, a distance of 434 miles! The writer of this article was lucky enough to travel that journey and the train arrived in Moscow three minutes before schedule!

“It is so terrible that I am going to sign a petition on the web about Southern Rail as I am fed up with it!”