The Willingdon Missing Millions

Shrimp asks how much time is wasted a year by trains running between Hastings and Brighton / Gatwick / London Victoria due to the infrastructure-determined journey from Pevensey & Westham into/out of Eastbourne before reaching Polegate.

The below calculation is not a hard and fast rule and obviously travel times will vary from service to service, depending on stopping pattern and layover at Eastbourne, but using an ‘average journey time less travel time via a new section’ we estimate an average saving of around 20 minutes per journey.

rail map


So, working on that basis and always rounding down (figures have been rounded down for ease of display) SHRIMP has come up with these figures:

20 minutes saved each way per hour = 40 mins per hour

16hrs per day = 640mins = 10hrs per day

10hrs per day = 3,600 hrs a year (equiv to 150 days)

(Or 12,950,000 seconds! – hence the missing millions)

Shrimp’s View

Therefore, if the trains could avoid travelling via Eastbourne using the now non-existent “Willingdon Corridor” each passenger could save at least an estimated 20 minutes journey time going to work in Brighton, Gatwick or London.

“What a waste of energy and productivity. All for the sake of a missing approximately 1 mile of railway line,” said Martin Woodfine, o.b.o.