Transport Select Committee Report Critical of All Parties Involved

The Transport Select Committee Report into TSGN / GTR / RMT appears to be heavily critical of EVERY party involved.

Martin Woodfine (SHRIMP) said: “We hope all our political representatives will understand why the public, and our local economy, is being totally let down by the entire process. In this respect a repetitive attack on only one of the parties involved is unhelpful and will resolve nothing. We have been saying from the beginning of this dispute that the DfT was entrenched and cannot sit idly by. This report underscores that observation.”

Whilst ‘Direct Operated Railways (DOR)’ no longer exists as a government owned agency, it should be possible to disentangle this overly-complex franchise and, with new contracts, return our railways to a well-performing industry operated by a series of smaller franchises; after all, GTR were not the only bidder at the start. It is clear that this must happen well before the existing franchise is due to end in 2021; this cannot wait.

The full report can be found here: