Why DOO on Southern?

The images below are direct extracts  (click image to enlarge) (courtesy of Bexhill Rail Action Group) from the DfT Invitation to Tender for the Thameslink Southern Great Northern (TSGN) franchise, subsequently awarded to Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR).

This clearly indicates that Driver Only Operation (DOO) need only be MAINTAINED at the pre-franchise level and that only the core THAMESLINK route (ie through central London) should be considered for expansion of DOO operations.

So, why is GTR insisting that they need to expand their DOO operations across the SOUTHERN network? Once more the question arises over who is driving this dispute, GTR or DfT.

It is becoming increasingly suspect that this whole dispute is a state-sponsored charade by GTR, the only intention of which is to seek and eke out a confrontation with the unions.

Again we request that the role of DfT and GTR is carefully scrutinised without influence from either of those organisations.